Block Paving


Adding in block paving to your driveway or patio area is one of the best and most refined methods that you can use in order to breathe new life into your property and we can offer you the highest quality block paving to instantly improve the look and value of your home.


If you live in Salford or any area in Greater Manchester then you know how the weather or general wear and tear can sometimes destroy your paving area, block paving is one of the most durable and cost-effective options for your driveway and patio. We offer block paving at the highest quality in a huge range of sizes and designs.

Block Paving


Looking for the perfect block paving design or colours to match your property? We will come down and offer a free no obligation quote and recommend sizes and colours that suit the authenticity of the building. Here are just some of the colours we offer:


Grey block paving, charcoal block paving, black block paving, granite block paving, clay block paving, grey block paving, red block paving, autumn gold block paving, blue block paving, Brindle block paving, Bracken block paving, sunrise block paving, natural block paving, and many more.

Block Paving


Block paving is suitable for the home, commercial properties and public sectors, if you have either and you require block paving repair, installation or advice then we will be perfect for this project, there are many types of block paving to choose from including tobermore tegula, monoblock, tumbled, rumbled, cobble, square, permeable block paving and so many more. We also use very reputable suppliers such as Marshalls or Bretts to ensure product quality.

Block Paving


There are many different patterns of block paving to choose from, different patterns will suit different properties, we offer Herringbone, stretcher bond, basket weave, random course, circle block paving, brick bond, half bond and many more block paving styles and patterns.


Here at Daly Surfacing we are experts in block paving patterns, we can always recommend a suited pattern for your driveway and offer you a range of patterns from our previous work. We can help try to blend different colours of block paving to match the existing colours of your home. You can also ask for our experts to show you different block paving examples before we begin work.

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